The Rules for Disappearing - Ashley Elston I’m always up for a good mystery book, and I’m definitely glad I picked up “The Rules for Disappearing.” It ended up being that and a whole lot more. Mystery, thriller, and a touch of romance really brought this book together for me.Although I wouldn’t say this was an intense, heart-pounding thriller, it did have a few parts that made my heart race a bit. Running from bad guys and trying not to get killed while you uncover secrets about your past would definitely do that to you.I enjoyed reading about the different characters, because they were very well developed. I instantly fell in love with Teeny and the main character, Meg. Meg was such a brave girl and I really liked having to figure her out throughout the duration of the story. She was definitely not a simple character at all because the situation she was in was so complex that she didn’t even know what was going on. I also loved Teeny, which was Meg’s younger sister. She was such a sweet little girl that just wanted a stable life like any other kid her age would.The romance in this story was actually a nice touch. I thought it was a cute, believable relationship between Meg and Ethan. It wasn’t really an insta-love, but more of an insta-attraction. That much I can handle. It’s the insta-love crap that makes me want to gag. You could see Meg’s walls breaking down little by little every time she was around Ethan. He was a genuinely good guy who seemed to really care about her. He dropped everything to drive her across the country just to keep her from having to relocate with her family again. Now that’s a boyfriend! (And here I can’t even get mine to do the dishes!)Another cool thing that really stuck out to me was that it actually mentioned my little hometown as one of the places Meg and her family had to move to. That’s crazy! No one ever talks about boring little Hillsboro, Ohio!“Tell me the worst place you lived.”I sip on my water and answer, “Definitely our first move. It was Hillsboro, Ohio.”Can’t blame her for hating it there…The only thing I really had a problem with when reading this book would have been the pacing. The first half of the book was pretty boring for me, to be honest. I know it was just setting up the story or whatnot, but I would’ve liked to see a little more attention-grabbing stuff towards the beginning. This is why I found myself putting it down a lot.All in all, the story was unique and something you wouldn’t normally see in the YA world. It was a well-written mystery that always had me guessing. I would recommend this to people who like piecing things together as they read a book.Most mistakes are made when you think no one is watching. And someone is always watching.See this review and more like it on my blog Confessions of a Bookie Monster