Torn (Torn, #1) - K.A. Robinson I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.First of all, I gotta say this book definitely left me torn. (see what I did there?)I think the problem I had with this book was in the characters themselves. I never really connected with any of them and I found myself getting angry at every little decision they made. To be honest, I had to force myself to finish this book (which is why it took me over a week). The story just seemed too scattered and messy. There also seemed to be a lack of plot. Besides the girl falling instantly in love with the bad boy, and then going back and forth from sleeping with him to sleeping with her best friend, there was absolutely nothing going on. I was hoping for more depth, but maybe I just had my expectations set too high.Let me start with our main character, Chloe. She seems like the normal, damaged girl that has had a rough past but is starting to overcome it and become a strong woman. That’s what I thought in the beginning at least. The more the story progressed, the more I hated Chloe. From the gag-worthy insta-love with Drake to her constant crying pity parties, I just couldn’t connect with her character. I like my female characters to be strong, independent, and smart. Chloe didn’t have any of these characteristics. She always let the male characters (Drake and Logan) dominate her and allowed them to control her life. She didn’t seem like she could do anything on her own, because she was always crying to one of them about something. Grow a backbone, woman! You shouldn’t let your best friend tell you who you can talk to or allow your crush to completely walk all over you. Seriously.Which brings me to Drake. Sure he seemed like the bad boy everyone should swoon over, but to me he was an a**hole. Why would you tell the girl you love so much that she needs to see someone else, then run after her like a lost puppy basically telling her that you really didn’t mean what you said? Doesn’t make much sense to me. Chloe was obviously not the only one messed up in the head. The only redeeming qualities he had showed up in the last quarter of the book.And don’t even get me started on Logan. It is completely acceptable to have a guy friend, but when he becomes possessive and controlling, that is not okay. He would always butt in and try to tell Chloe what to do. I understand he just cared about her, but this is still not okay in any case. To make things worse, Chloe seemed to just brush it off like it was no big deal. I hate when women are portrayed as being weak and timid creatures!Aside from being angry at the characters, I did find some of the story to be nice. Both of the boys did do some cute things for Chloe, like protecting her from danger and caring for her when she found herself in some bad situations.Although I wasn’t the biggest fan of this book, it might work for someone else. I wanted to like it, but it just left me disappointed in the end. This book just wasn’t for me, unfortunately.But in all honesty, I am kind of curious as to what Chloe’s mother wants. Maybe down the road I might pick the sequel up and see if it gets any better. Wouldn’t count on it though.See this review and more like it on my blog Confessions of a Bookie Monster